Sep 2, 2009

September Pig(s) of the Month: Godiva and Moxie!



That's what these two girls have loads of. Meet Godiva and Moxie, two lovely chocolate adult females that currently are sharing a cage.
Godiva is the biggest girl (weighing in at a whopping 3 pounds!) and she thinks she should be the one who calls the shots. Moxie is a little more laid back (she might be Godiva's daughter...but neither one is telling!). They are looking for a child-free home where they can be pampered and doted on (and be taught that people are not so bad to be friends with). Are you someone who wants to make friends with some pigs with personality?

These pigs are being fostered in Janesville and they've been in the rescue for three years!
Check out their Petfinder page:

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