Apr 12, 2009

What YOU can do to help homeless pigs

We need more stuff for me to poop on!!

Many of you have asked us how you can help out our rescue. We know that not everyone can be a foster home but there are many things that you, as an individual, can do to help. Collecting and providing items for our rescue can also be a great community project for elementary school classes and scout troops. We know of one 10 year old who collected items for orphaned animals at his birthday party (Way to go, Andrew!) instead of having his friends bring birthday presents. Here are just a few ideas.

-Collect the following from your area and contact us to arrange a pick-up:
-Gently used cotton towels
-Gently used polyester fleece blankets (any color)
-New bags of loose bedding like aspen or pine shavings, or Carefresh brand bedding
(No Cedar please)
-Used plastic kennel carriers (small) in good condition
-Used plastic stools (any size or color)
-Small kitten sized litter pans
-Any brand of timothy or alfalfa hay
-Bags of Oxbow brand Cavy Cuisine or Cavy Performance Guinea Pig Pellets
(sold at Mounds and other pet supply stores)
-Donations made directly to KM’s Hayloft (see our list of links) to go toward the purchase
of hay and pellets
-Donations made to our paypal account for our medical fund
-Donations made to our paypal account towards the purchase of gas to
transport guinea pigs

In addition, we are always looking for people who are willing to transport guinea pigs. We often need to get pigs between Baraboo and Madison and between Madison and Janesville.

If you garden and you have a surplus of vegetables in the fall, and/or if you are near one of our foster homes and often have a surplus of fresh vegetables in your home (red or green leaf lettuce, romaine, carrots, red or green bell pepper, cilantro, parsley, spinach, beet tops, etc…no iceburg lettuce, please) then we could use it to feed hungry guinea pigs.

There are a few things that we DO NOT need, so we list them for clarity:

-Pet store cages (too small for housing pigs)
-Wooden hidey houses (too difficult to clean)
-Edible hidey houses (not healthy)
-Exercise balls (cause spinal injuries in guinea pigs)
-Salt blocks (guinea pigs do not need these)
-Any kind of guinea pig food that has bits, nuts or seeds in it (poor food and a choking hazard)
-Harnesses and leashes for guinea pigs (impractical and dangerous)
-Cedar bedding (causes dangerous fumes)

-From Charlene here in the Janesville Pig Pen

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