Jan 13, 2010

Recent Adoptions: Oleta, Otis, and Madeline!


Oleta went to her new home to be friends with Sassy. Sassy recently lost her long time buddy and was lonely. But now she has a new buddy in little Oleta! Oleta and Sassy will be living in Middleton with Linda. Yay, Oleta, Sassy, and Linda!

A big HOORAH for our little Otis who was adopted this month to be a friend for his new buddy Popcorn! Otis was doing a lot of "popcorns" when he met Popcorn. Otis and his new friend will be living with Christina in Rockford. Thank you, Christina!

We are so thrilled that Madeline went home this past weekend. Madeline was born in rescue 2 years ago and had been adopted with her mother Gizelle when Madeline was 4 weeks of age. Sadly, Madeline was returned to the rescue last month after Gizelle passed away and we were preparing to post her story on petfinder to start looking for a new home for her. We knew she was terribly lonely. But no more! We got an e-mail from Leah, who was a former adopter. Her pig Jiffy and recently lost her lifelong partner and she also was terribly alone. So it was a wonderful match between two beautiful lonely pigs. How wonderful, Jiffy, Madeline and Leah! Jiffy and Madeline will be living with Leah in Grafton.