Oct 8, 2009

Standing Room Only!

A big HELLO from the Janesville PigPen! Are we going nuts here?
Why, yes. Yes, we are (grin!). The 13 pigs that recently came here have blossomed...into 21! And there will be more. Three of the 7 sows in this group were confirmed pregnant on intake. Two weeks ago, the lovely little Oona and the equally beautiful little Paloma gave birth on the same night to 9 little pups. Oona had 6 babies (sadly one was stillborn) and Paloma had 3. Initially, Oona and Paloma shared a cage and both took care of all the pups. When Oona needed medical treatment for a hormonal issue, we separated the two families equally to give everyone a chance to thrive. So Oona kept four of her babies and Paloma happily took to raising her own three and one of Oona's. So in one night, we welcomed the brand new Oliver, Olivia, Otis, Oleta, Oscar, Panya, Perlie and Padraic. Okay, okay....Quiz time: What babies belong to which mother? You KNOW you can figure it out!

So what of the other new piggies that came to us to find new homes? Well, remember I said that there will be MORE piggies? Yup! Indra is ready to pop with her pups any second now. And the very beautiful red abby sow, Jezabel has just been confirmed pregnant. So far ("knock on wood") Tallulah, Hepzibah and Yasmine show no signs of pregnancy. These three beauties share a cage. Talluhah and Yasmine are both tan and white Americans, but Hepzibah is a drop-dead gorgeous tan Abby and, Hoo Boy, she's got an A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E, that one!. Maybe I shouldn't have named her after a mythological goddess.

But what of the 6 boars that we took in? I can't help myself, I already have favorites. Merlin, an adult chocolate and tan American, is a big, squooshy lovebug. What else can I say? And Henry is just plain sweet. He's a pale red and white boy with lovely pink eyes, but such a NICE little boy. I just want to hug him. Crockett is the prettiest young abby boar that we've had here in a long time...so many different SHADES of tan on one pig. Shadrach has pretty tans on him too and another really nice, nice little pig.

Warning: Do not read any further if you have an uncontrollable sweet tooth!!! I MEAN it! I'm WARNING you! I just love, love, love the MARSHMALLOW BOYS!! One is smooth and white and one is FLUFFY and white. Does it get any better than this? I'm talking about Gilbert (be still my heart!) and Magoo. Gilbert is an American and Magoo is a fluffy, fluffy, fluffy (did I mention "fluffy"?) Abbyruvian. How cool is that? Someone is going to be SO lucky to adopt these two special boys.

Okay, I'll admit it. I just totally love them all. How can you have a favorite when they are all so wonderful?

So we have quite a few pigs here in the rescue and you will be able to see some of them up on Petfinder within the next few days (so don't change that channel!). Here are some pictures of our new little babies, but DO NOT blame me if you swoon from the cuteness.

If anyone lives in the Madison/Milwaukee/Janesville area and wants to donate food or bedding to go toward caring for all these beautiful little fluffballs, send us an e-mail and we will see what we can work out for pick up. The babies and moms are eating Oxbow brand Cavy Performance pellets and lots of timothy hay (and daily fresh veggies). The other pigs are eating Oxbow brand Cavy Cuisine (and hay and veggies). As to bedding, we can still use gently used towels or aspen shavings and Carefresh brand paper bedding.

All of you have a great day and give your pigs a hug from us!

Hey I was eating that!

Bath Time!

Some of the new piggies needed a long overdue bath. They fussed and complained but after it was all over they were squeaky clean cavies!

New pigs!

Here's a random assortment of some of the new piggies at the rescue.
They're not up on petfinder yet but keep checking back, we'll be sure to post about it!

And here's Oona one of the 3 pregnant sows. She's ready to pop!