Sep 14, 2009

The Big Pig Transport

On Friday, the WI Guinea Pig Rescue took in thirteen guinea pigs from a shelter after they were surrendered to the authorities by their owner. The shelter unfortunately did not have the space to house them We took a short road trip to meet up with a shelter volunteer who brought the pigs down to us in the Madison area.

Next stop: Janesville!
The thirteen fluffballs were loaded into the back of our regrettably small two-door and given some fresh veggies, and we were on our way.


One of the pregnant girls
Food for some of the boys!

After weighing and treating the seven girls and six boys for mites, they were introduced to their nice, spacious new homes. They immediately checked out their new surroundings and went to work munching on their hay and pellets.


Unfortunately, three of the female pigs are confirmed pregnant, with the other four on a pregnancy watch. Sadly, guinea pigs often come into the rescue pregnant, and just a few pregnancies can threaten to double the number of pigs already being cared for. We are hoping for happy and healthy babies and moms.

There are some adorable and funny characters in this bunch! Please check back often for updates and to see our Petfinder list once the pigs are available for adoption.

This is one happy little pig.

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