Dec 5, 2009

December Pigs of the Month: The Marshmallow Boys



Who are these adorable boys? Why it's Gilbert and his buddy Magoo! This lovely pair might not have flashy colors, but they more than make up for it in personality. They both have a twinkle of mischief in their eyes. Gilbert is the vocal one and his lyrical voice can be heard over all the other pigs, especially when it's veggie time. Magoo is quieter, but he just knows he is something special with his crazy cute hairdo. These boys are friendly, curious and funny and will make great pets. Are they the pigs for YOUR household? Gilbert and Magoo are just one of the lovely pairs of pigs that up for adoption through the Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue. If you are not in the position to provide a home, consider helping to sponsor these lovely boys while they await their new family. Even a $5 donation will help us continue to provide hay, pellets and fresh vegetables to our rescue pigs.

Check them out on Petfinder!

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