Apr 29, 2011

Gone in a Heartbeat

Losing a pet, no matter what circumstance is always a difficult thing.  There are some situations however, that go beyond heartbreak.  This is the plight of our very dear friend Marsha.  Marsha and her family narrowly escaped death when a tornado demolished their home in Alabama this past week.  Marsha has been a life-long animal lover and took particular pride and care of her beloved guinea pigs, rats and hammies.  She loved to sew blankets, tunnels and beds for her animals and also took orders and sewed these items for others too.  All her pet cozies were of the finest quality.

Marsha, her husband, two children and their pet dog managed to live through the devastation, although her daughter and dog were injured and required medical care.  At present, we do not know the plight of the little furries, but the outlook is not good.

The hearts of all of us here at the former Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue go out to Marsha and her family and we want them to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.  At present, this family has lost everything.

If you and your friends want to help a fellow guinea pig lover, there is a site set up to accept donations that will go directly to the family for whatever their immediate needs may be.  You can find it here:

Please consider a donation.  Even a small one will add up and be so appreciated.

Marsha’s daughter is off oxygen and is doing well and slated to be released from the hospital.  Also, Marsha and her husband have been able to go back into their neighborhood and they have found all but one of the guinea pigs and 6 of their pet rats.  Unfortunately, only 4 of the guinea pigs and 4 of the rats were survivors.  We are saddened to hear of the ones that did not make it, but thrilled to hear of the ones that did.  They are truly little miracles.