Nov 5, 2009

Thank You to Our Friends!

Hello everyone! Sometimes we are so blown away by the generosity of our supporters here at Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue, that we just feel the need to thank some of them in person.

We offer a round of applause to one special young lady in Neenah. For her recent birthday, Carly decided to ask her birthday guests to bring donations for our rescue instead of bringing birthday presents...and she sent us a check for $115. How wonderful is that?!! Thank you so much, Carly!

We also need to extend a warm thank you to Katie in Appleton. Katie provided one of our pregnant momma pigs with a temporary foster home so the little momma could get lots of attention and care during her pregnancy and delivery. SO helpful, Katie! We are so appreciative and momma piggy Indra and baby Ike also thank you!

We just HAVE to extend a heartfelt thank you to Sally in Madison who supplied our rescue with a large assortment of much needed towels to be used in our cages. Thanks to you, Sally, our rescue pigs will be comfortable, clean and cozy while they stay here with us awaiting their new homes.

No, we are not done yet. Our friend Jane also sent us a most generous donation through our paypal account. How can we express our appreciation, Jane? Oh my goodness...thank you!

Ha! Susan, you're not getting off without a heartfelt thank you either! Susan brought us hay, pellets and some wonderful hidey houses and play tunnels for our rescue pigs. You should just SEE the little pig smiles on the faces of our little rescue piggies!

It is ALL of you wonderful folks that have made our rescue work possible. As you know, our rescue is only here because of your generous donations. We can't do it alone and we are so grateful for the help and support. You are all very special to us and our rescue fuzzballs.

All of us at the Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue

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