Jun 22, 2009

WGPR at Animal days

Piggie ambassadors - Teensy and Sidda

On June 20th, The Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue was invited to Animal Days at Oakview Veterinary Medical Center in Plover, WI. We definitely recommend Oakview for those of you up north near Stevens Point. They have a very cavy-savvy vet named Dr. Diane Scott. Anyway, Rachel (Director, Baraboo) took Teensy and Sidda to be our pig ambassadors, and boy, were they put to work!

We had them in a 2 grid by 3 grid pen underneath our table and while Rachel was busy fending off nosy dogs, many many little fingers were in the cage petting Teensy and Sidda. Gentle, gentle! Teensy stood still for lots of love pats while Sidda played hard-to-get. These two make a great pair; they are very easy to hold. Teensy isn't that hard to catch; Sidda is a bit of a runner, but catch her and hold her for a while and she'll tell you lots of stories! After the four-hour event, Teensy and Sidda continued their adventure. They are going to be featured in the front room at Waupaca Humane Society in a C&C cage.

One of our foster moms, Monica, is the director there and is in charge of making sure that the families adopting from Waupaca Humane are held to the same standards as people applying from Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue. So if you're in Central Wisconsin, drop by Waupaca Humane and visit Teensy and Sidda! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and donated money to help us feed these pigs.

--Rachel Sincere

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