Apr 18, 2009

April's Guinea Pig of the Month - Bebe (the baby)

Bebe (in the center) with his brothers and sisters

Please help us raise money for Bebe's surgery! This is Bebe, born April 16 to one of our foster pigs who came in pregnant. This beautiful little baby has a condition called entropion eyelid on his left eye and he will need surgery to correct it. If left untreated, it can lead to scratching and scarring of the eyeball and, eventually, blindness. However, he needs to be around 6 months old to have the surgery (he's too little right now!). Can you help? We need to raise $250 for the surgery and will need an additional $50 for vet care and at home care until he is ready. He's just started out in life. We want to give him a chance to live pain-free and to be someone's pampered little darling. If you can only spare a few dollars (we know things are pretty tight right now) it still adds up and it is much appreciated.

Please donate to help a pig!

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  1. I'm gonna take this little guy home next week! I can't wait!