Mar 14, 2009

March's Guinea Pig of the Month - Tuxedo (again)

Until our little blog gets some more traffic we're re-listing Tux as our March pig of the month! Read on to find out more about his difficult life before he came to the WIGPR.

Tuxedo had a tough start in life. He was cruelly abandoned with his friend Louis in a cruddy motel. Both boys got very sick and Tuxedo very nearly died after they were covered with a dog flea treatment toxic to guinea pigs to get rid of a bad case of parasites. A shelter called our rescue and we were able to bathe him immediately, but unfortunately not before Tuxedo ingested the toxic powder while trying to groom.

The result was a bad case of intestinal problems including anorexia and diarrhea, which is deadly to guinea pigs. After his recovery from that illness, Tuxedo came down with a respiratory infection. He was seen by a veterinarian and was placed on a course of antibiotics. Because of his weakened immune system, he developed an intolerance to nearly every antibiotic tried and only improved after many months of special care under the guidance of the veterinarian. Tuxedo will never be perfectly healthy, but he is a wonderful, happy pig.

Unfortunately, we still owe the vet! Can you help us repay Tuxedo's debt so we can continue to save other wonderful pigs like Tuxedo?

Please donate to help a pig!

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