Feb 13, 2009

Up for adoption, Tuxedo and Louis



Tuxedo and Louis are an adorable pair of friendly boys that came into the rescue in the fall of 2008. Tuxedo is a black and white American with a cute red patch over one eye. Louis is a golden agouti abbyssinian. Both boys are adults, probably about 2 to 3 years old.

They are good friends and must be adopted together. Tux and Louis are looking for a special home with lots of love and a watchful eye. They had a tough start. They were abandoned in a run down motel and taken in by a local shelter. The shelter they were pulled from had mistakenly doused them with a flea powder that the boys consumed as they groomed themselves. Both fell ill and had to be nursed back to health. Soon afterwards, the boys were treated for a respiratory infection. With antibiotics, Louis shook his illness quickly, but it took Tuxedo much longer to recover. Both are doing well now, but a few health problems remain for Tuxedo, which is why these boys are listed as special needs. Despite several vet visits to try and diagnose the cause, Tuxedo from time to time has a slightly runny nose. However, he seems unfazed by this and continues to eat well, is active and playful, and recently he has even gained weight. Tux also has an impaction problem which was most likely caused by his condition before coming into the rescue. It is recommended that his impaction is cleaned out at least once per week (possibly more often) and that he is provided plenty of space and extra floor time for exercise to help tone his muscles. With extra care, it is possible that the impaction problems may improve. Louis is a healthy, plump little guy, but he does have a fatty lump on one hip that was checked by our vet and is considered benign.

Despite their struggles along the way, Tux and Louis are a wonderful pair of pigs! They are both friendly and easy to handle, although Tux can still be a little hard to catch. They are used to people and enjoy being in an active part of the house where all the action is. Louis is always looking for attention. He loves to be pet and comes over to beg for food and to say hello any chance he gets. These boys get along well together and love to play. They're very mischievous and love to flip over their pigloos and roll their pellet dish.

Would you like to open your home and heart to these special boys? Tux and Louis are being fostered in Mount Horeb, WI.

Please click here for their page on Petfinder!

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